Coldstream Ranch
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Established - 1863

Raising cattle on the Ranch.


The purpose of this section of our site is to give visitors some background on the history and most of all its importance to the development of Vernon, Coldstream and Lavington.  In 1994, the Ranch was purchased by timber, road building and cattle entrepreneur, Mr. Keith Balcaen.  Mr. Balcaen has continued to run the ranch in much the same way it has been managed since its inception in 1863.  Most of the information in this portion of this site has been gleaned from The Coldstream Ranch, Vernon Museum archives and the book Coldstream, Where It all Began, written by Donna Yoshitake Wuest.



The Ranch - Where it all began,

1900 - 1950,

1950 - Present

Beef Production


Fruit, corn, and cereals


Crop production on the Ranch.

The Future

Content for this website obtained from:

Coldstream Ranch Sources

The Vernon Museum

and from:

Coldstream: The Ranch Where It All Began

Author: Donna Yoshitake Wuest

Keith Balcaen surveying his 1994 purchase of Coldstream Ranch